My Journey Into Barefoot Running

Running is my chosen form of sport in which I believe keeps me sane and somewhat healthy. It has been more than 10 years I have been into this self torturing sport but this is the only sport I enjoy the most. Yeah, i know it sounds weird but that’s the truth.

Five years back, I was pretty busy studying running materials and that was when I stumbled into the very popular book in the scene, Born To Run. It pretty much debated the purpose of running shoes and encouraged people to run and actually gave scientific facts on why running in your most natural form which is barefoot might actually reduce your injuries. (I highly recommend this book if you’re into this type of thing!)

At that time I was looking for something that will improve my run and this book came to me. I was hooked. I did not go cold turkey with this barefoot trend but chose to do it in the long term. One of the first few things I did was running completely barefoot in the stadium track in my town. To my surprise it felt amazing to run without any shoes on my feet. That was the beginning of my journey into learning more about running.

Three years back I purchased my first ever minimalist running shoe which was the New Balance Minimus Zero Road:

That is how I started my transition phase into barefoot running. The shoe was for me the best shoe to start my barefoot running as it was light and durable. It also utilized the Vibram sole. This was the first time I ran without socks and weirdly I began to fall in love with the feeling of running naturally.

One thing to be careful here is that, during your beginning phase of barefoot running, you will feel more pain and become more sore after each session. For me I felt sore on my calves but this was only occurring during the first 2 to 3 weeks of my transition period.

I am an amateur runner. For the past 6 months my focus on running was refreshed and this has lead to more interesting self-discovery. I am excited to learn about my limitations and how I can surpass it using simple and basic habits.

I have learnt a lot in my journey into barefoot running but this is just the beginning. One thing I can confirm even if you run barefoot just for fun is that you will experience the benefit and feel connected to mother nature. Give it a try and you will understand what I am trying to convey in this post. Getting direct sensory feedback from your feet to your brain is a new kind of drug!

Recently I purchased my first every Vibram Five Fingers shoes. They are pretty hardcore barefoot running shoes. This is my next phase in my barefoot running experience. For those who are reading this and thinking I am just running so called barefoot but still using shoes, I would like to say to you that almost once every week I will run completely barefoot for a distance of 4 to 7km per session. This is how I programmed my leg to run naked and strong.

I will be posting more about running and also my barefoot running experience in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Centro Klang Run 2016 : Minor Improvement

Centro Klang Run is one of the few runs which I participate annually. It is a 12km run. You can read my previous experience here.

I did it again this year!

The route was changed to fit the theme which was Klang Heritage Run and all the runners especially those who came from different part of the country experienced many historical places along the run. Good job to the management team for organizing this race, they are constantly improving.

I did some improvements too. 🙂

I am an amateur runner who is constantly battling the enemy within. The biggest learning curve for me this season has been all about consistency. Since May this year I increased my training runs and that helped quite a bit. Stated below is my timing for 2015 & 2016 Centro Klang Run:

2015 – 1:34:09

2016 – 1:21:37

That is almost a 13 minutes improvement!

The timing is nothing compared to all the elite runners, but I am more interested in my tiny improvements. Below is the per km splits breakdown 2016 vs 2015:


If you look close enough, the total distance for this year is actually 12.5km. My average pace was 6.32min/km. There was a small hill at kilometer 10 towards 11 and I slowed down at that part of the race. (Self note: more hill training) Apart from that I intentionally ran at the above pace to complete a steady 12km.

This is just the beginning, I have promised myself to test my so called limits. It was tough but definitely worth it!

Thank you for reading my progress.

Anticipate Downfall

I have mentioned many times in this blog, failure is inevitable. It is a law of universe just like how night occurs after day.

No matter how well you prepare for your success, you will eventually fall. Sorry for the spoiler folks, it is going to happen. The best part? It will continuously happen. Learn to embrace it.

You must anticipate your own downfall. Nope, this is not negative thinking, this is practical thinking. There is a gravity force to keep you on the ground. Get ready to fail. Have a plan to face it when it happens.

The interesting thing about falling down in your journey towards greatness is that, the level of failure when you first failed & your level of failure for your next one will be at a completely different level. To put it in another way, your next failure would have been a victory for your ‘old’ yesteryear self. As time passes the quality of your failure will increase.

You will fall. Wear some knee guards, get hurt & most importantly get back up fast!

100th Post! Thank You!

This is my 100th article in my blog!

I dedicate this post to my fellow readers out there which includes you. You are the reason for the existence of this blog. Thank you!

I would also like to thank few others who were my mentors which made all of this happen:

Those mentioned above were part of the reason I started this blog which lead me to writing my very own self-published book! Please do check them out as their blogs/websites are truly amazing. It will definitely alter the way you think & view this world.

This has been a crazy journey which ultimately added massive value to my life. It is just the beginning though, there are more to come from

I genuinely wish the best of the best to you my dear respected readers. If by reading this blog your life is affected even for only 1%, I believe the existence of this blog has some meaning to it.

Do share with your loved ones if you think it will provide them some value.

Till then stay tuned & stay strong!

Day After Day After Day

This is the only way you get anything worthwhile done!


There are no any secret ingredients.

Execution is the only path.

Don’t cheat yourself by thinking something needs to happen for you to begin.

You DO it.

Go against the crowd. Rebel.

Work hard. Hard work puts man in the space. Why can’t it change your own life on Earth?

Don’t only do it when you feel pumped & upbeat. Execute even when you don’t feel like it.

Routines can reengineer your brain. Create solid ones.

Failures are inevitable. Treat it like the traffic light on the road which turns red. Because after red comes green.

Daily execution takes tremendous effort. It is required if you want to be tremendous.

Start small. Even as small as, 5 minutes a day. Increase it when you are feeling comfortable. Quantity first. Quality will increase exponentially together with your execution frequency.

If you need to stop, please do but after renewal get back on track, fast!

If it bores you, it means you’re on track. Learn to fall in love with boredom. All athletes do.

The grind is real as much as you are.

Don’t look for the enemy elsewhere, look within.

To challenge the status quo, you must go all in!

Every single thing you plan, aim, dream, wish and must accomplish will only manifest into the real world if you DO it.

And if you plan to take this road less travelled of doing rather than talking & dreaming about it, congrats! But all you need to tattoo in your brain now is that,

To be magnificent in anything you must do it:


Now, Go DO!


Why Routines Matter?

I am big fan of repetition. Anything that happens which possess value is the direct result of focused iteration.

For an example, Michael Phelps who is an Olympic gold medal athlete became himself because he repeatedly executed his daily routines as a professional swimmer. He is ruthless in his practice as he has a pretty solid routine. His routines yielded his many Olympic medals.

Any big project or goal can be achieved by simplifying your target into daily small activities which in this case I would like to refer as routines.

If you want to complete a book, you can set a small target as simple as writing 300 words a day. This will lead to 2100 words in a week and by the end of the month you will have written approximately 8400 words. This means in about 6 months to a year you could complete your first draft of your very own novel or a non-fiction book.

So Why Does It Matter?

Setting routines in your daily life removes the need of thinking about the unwanted number of choices in your day when you run it by default. This drains your willpower.

Routines are repeated habits, a set of drill which you run day after day after day which eventually becomes automatic and effortless to perform. When this happens you have actually reached the state of a professional athlete. You might not be an athlete but if you practice your routines like one, it will bring you the results in the medium to long term.

Routines simplifies everything because you are breaking down your big goal into daily executable activities.

Everything depends on execution and routines will help you solidify it and aid you in the process of achieving your goal.

The Must Watch Documentary

If you’re fan of documentaries I would like to suggest one that will have an impact on you after you’ve watched it.

It is Jiro Dreams of Sushi. This one is top on my list.

I touched on it a little when I wrote this. It is a must watch, especially if you’re someone who is looking to improve yourself incrementally utilizing practical real life routines.

Jiro Ono is a shokunin. He is 90 years old this year and is still perfecting his craft which in this case is sushi. He is still working and very much into his job. I don’t know about you but for me this is fuckin’ amazing! His subtle popularity have even reached Obama when the President himself dined in Jiro’s restaurant in 2014.

Watch it to explore more into his routines and how you can execute simple principles repeatedly to make a mark in your industry. For me he is the living proof of the power of Kaizen principle.

One of the biggest lesson for me in the documentary was, I should never underestimate the power of simplicity & iterations.

Doing a little every single day produces magic versus just talking about an idea without any execution.

Your Sphere Of Control

Choose what you consume everyday because you can only change what is within your control.

Never waste your precious time thinking, talking or even bothering about something that you can never effect. Plenty of things happen everyday in this world but only a few is being covered by the media hence if you’re actively involved in the social media you will tend to think negatively when you consume all the shit that is being put out.

You can only change the results of your own action. Focus on that. Realizing this one thing totally changed my life and how I think.

Never follow anyone or anything by default. Wake up. Be alert. There are many people/organization out there who wants your attention, don’t give it to them.

Be cautious every single hour of your day. What you put inside will remain there for many years so it is better to only focus on what you can control.

You are your own enemy. Learn to defeat him.

You are your own sphere of control. Control it to control everything else.


Slow Is Fast

If you’re constantly in the look out to achieve something fast or looking for a quick-fix method in doing anything, I would like to invite you to look at it from another point of view.

If you’re a common man/woman who is willing to work hard, there is actually another way for achieving your ambition. It is the slow & steady method. It might not be a popular way of doing things especially in the fast paced society we are living in now but it is one of those methods which actually yields results when you stick to it constantly.

For an example, for the past 3 months I have been training for my runs with very minimal improvement week by week. I might run 10km for a week and increase it to 11km the next & so on. It looks very tiny but I was surprised by the time improvement I have been making up to now.

The best part when you practice this slow approach, you might not even realize your improvements until you measure it. Some call this the slow gain method. The results you get from utilizing this method will usually last longer than the quick fixes.

I realized that going slow is actually making me fast when I commit to a habit and build a daily ritual around it. I am not saying that using the fast way of doing things is wrong but actually sharing my real life example on how a common man can incrementally improve himself without using any extraordinary methods.

Doing ordinary activity continuously will lead to extraordinary outcome in the long term.

Still curious about this? Read this.



Why Success Doesn’t Matter

I wrote about success previously.

To emphasize the point even further, the media or social media wants you to believe that you must be successful. They even nurture you to believe that you must look good in the eye of your friends and society.

It is cool if you genuinely want to have the shiny toys & look good for the sake of others but please only do it if that is what you really want, never do something just to prove a point to others because you will still feel empty inside.

The Problem

The problem is that the current media made definition of success makes you to believe that success is something you must arrive at. Like it is a destination.

It is not.

Yes, it is great if you become a specialist surgeon or a successful entrepreneur but take that as a feedback and keep improving in your craft day by day.

Once you let the ego to kick in and decide you have made it, your downfall begins.

Success is futile.

It is merely a feedback based on your effort & it doesn’t matter at all.

If Success Doesn’t Matter, What Really Matters

What matters is when you consistently strive for perfection in your daily work.

What you do daily with what you have will liberate you from within. It will allow you to rise daily and focus on what is within your sphere of control, which is to consistently care about what you put out to the world.

That is how you can begin your journey towards becoming a Shokunin.